Jasper Francis Cropsey (1823-1900) Paintings Collection

View from Hastings toward the Tappan Zee
Artist Sketching on Greenwood Lake
View of Greenwood Lake, New Jersey 
Sidney Plains with the Union of Susquehannah and Unadella Rivers
Autumn Landscape - Saugerties, New York
Chepstow Castle on the Wye
A View in Central Park - The Spire of Dr. Hall's Church in the Distance
Autumn Landscape - View of Greenwood Lake
Autumn Light on the Ramapo River
Bareford Mountains, West Milford, New Jersey
The Hudson River from Fort Putnam, near West Point 
The Narrows from Staten Island
View from Hastings of the Hudson River
Eagle Cliff, New Hampshire
Niagara Falls from the Foot of Goat Island
Mt. Jefferson, Pinkham Notch, White Mountains
Pioneer's Home, Eagle Cliff, White Mountains
Starrucca viaduct, Pennsylvania
In The Highlands Of The Hudson
Autumn Landscape, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Orange County, New York
The Serptentine, Hyde Park, London
Sunset at Etretat
Procession at Nemi, Italy
Schatacook Mountain, Housatonic Valley, Connecticut
The Temple of the Sibyl, Tivoli
Bonchurch, Isle of Wight
Warwick Castle, England
Lake near Mount Chocorua