Paintings Collection of Italy - Latium

Tivoli: The Cascatelli Grandi and the Villa of Maecenas
Ariccia near Rome
View of Lake Nemi
The Cloister of San Cosimato
Lake Nemi at Sunset
Waterfalls at Subiaco
The Lake of Nemi looking towards Genzano, Italy
Lake Nemi, Campagna, Italy
The Waterfalls of Tivoli
Gorge at Civita Castellana
The Facade of the Villa dEste at Tivoli, View from the Gardens
Rome, the Trinita dei Monti
Carnival in the Piazza Colonna, Rome
The Waterfalls at Terni
View of the Pantheon, Rome
Rome: A View of the Tiber
Roma: Piazza del Popolo
A panoramic view of the village of Tivoli and the waterfalls
View of Rome from Mt. Mario, in the Southeast
The Piazza and Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio
Piazza Navona in Rome
Distant View of Mount Soracte, near Rome
Lake Albano, Sunset
Frascati. View of the Villa Aldobrandini
The St Peter's in Rome
Rome: View of St Peter's and the Vatican Seen from Prati Di Castello
Church of Trinità dei Monti and the Villa Medici, Rome
Waterfalls Liris, Isola Sora
Landscape with Shepherds - The Pont Molle
Rome: View of the Piazza di San Giovanni in Laterano
Rome: View of the Tiber
Genzano - Goatherd and Village
Castel Gandolfo, Dancing Tyrolean Shepherds by Lake Albano
Procession at Nemi, Italy
The Temple of the Sibyl, Tivoli
Waterfall in Tivoli
New Rome. The Castle of S.Angelo
Festival Before the Quirinale Palace
The Arch of Septumius Severus and the Temple of Concord
View of the Cloaca Maxima, Rome
The Stairs to the Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome
Another on the Via Sacra, here past the Temple of  Romulus and Remus, which now forms the Vestibule of the Church of  St. Cosmus and Damian
The Villa Malta, Rome
The Bridge and the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
The promenade of Pope Pius VII in the gardes of Quirinal
The Arch of Septumius Severus and the Temple of Concord
View of the Quirinal Palace, Rome
View of the Church of Santa Francesca Romana and the Basilica of Constatine
A View from the Terrace at Palazzo Doria Pamphili
Piazza Navona, Roma 
View of Piazza del Popolo, Rome
View of Rome, The Tiber in Front of S. Giovanni dei Florentine
La Villa Medici, in Rome
View of Castel Saint Angelo in Rome
View of the Temple of Peace in the Roman Forum
St. Peter's from the Villa Pamphili, Rome
View from the Villa Malta to the West
Rome with St Peter's and the Castel Sant'Angelo
View of the Villa Borghese
Landscape with Herdsmen and Animals in front of the Baths of Diocletian, Rome
The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome
View of the Piazza Navona, Rome
The Villa Madama, Rome
Villa Madama near Rome
A view of the Tiber, Rome, with the Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's beyond
River View with the Ponte Rotto
The Ponte Rotto, Rome
The Castle and bridge Sant'Angelo
Forum Viewed From The Farnese Gardens
Island of San Bartolommeo
Landscape from Subiaco
Vue d'Ajaccio
The Amphitheatre of Tusculum and Albano Mountains, Rome
View of the Temple of Diana, Nemi, with a shepherd in the foreground
View From Ponte Loreto, An Antique Bridge Near Nettuno
Monastery of San Francesco di Civitella in the Sabine Mountains
Distant View of Maecenas' Villa, Tivoli
Villa Farnese at Caprarola
View of Rome from Tivoli
North Rome, Tiber River - View of the Pons Milvius near Sunset
Maecenas' Villa at Tivoli
View of the Convent of Sant' Onofrio on the Janiculum, Rome
Civita Castellana
View of Tivoli with the Church of San Silvestro
The San Rocco Bridge and the Grand Waterfall at Tivoli
View of La Crescenza
A View of the Waterfall at Tivoli
View of Genzano with a Rider and Peasant
Vue de la Porte Saint-Paul à Rome, effet du matin
Le Ponte Rotto,  Rome
The Campo Vaccino, Rome
View from the Monastery of Sant Onofrio in Rome
Il corteo dell'ambasciatore veneziano Alvise Mocenigo dopo l'udienza papale nel palazzo del Quirinale
The Tiberian Island in Rome
Piazza di Monte Cavallo
Veduta di Ponte Sisto
View of Castel Saint Angelo in Rome
View of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
View of Rome from the Tiber
Villa Borghese, Rome
View of Tivoli from Santa Maria del Giglio
A View of Tivoli, with the Teverone Flowing Beneath
Great Cascades at Tivoli
View of Lake Albano with Castel Gandolfo
View of the Roman Forum with the Temple of Concordia and the Arch of Septimius Severus seen from the foot of the Capitoline Hill
View of the Tiber near Perugia
View of Florence from San Niccolò Weir
The falls of Tivoli as a storm approaches
The Waterfall at Tivoli
The Castle and bridge Sant'Angelo
Veduta della piazza del Quirinale
The Falls of Terni
A View of Tivoli
View of the Tiber Island in Rome
View of Ariccia with the Sea in the Background
Garden of the Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome
View of Castel Gandolfo
The Tomb of Cecaelia Metella
Rome from Mount Aventine
Modern Rome - Campo Vaccino
The Arch of Titus in Rome
The Campo Vaccino, Rome
San Carlino alle Quattro Fontane
View of Via di Ripetta in Rome
Trinita dei Monti
Entry of the Polish Ambassador Michal Kazimierz Radziwill into Rome in 1680
Temple of Vesta, Rome
Near Sunset - View of Rome from Porte Molte
The Falls at Tivoli
View of Tivoli, Italy, with the Temple of the Sibyl
View of the Roman Forum with the Temple of Concordia and the Arch of Septimius Severus seen from the foot of the Capitoline Hill
The Temple of Vesta in Rome
The Tiber and the Castel Sant'Angelo
Street in Pascara
Arco di San Giuseppe Siena
The Arch of Constantine, Rome 
Hadrian's Arch, Rome (misnamed)
Rome, A View of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini
A view of Ronciglione near Rome
View of the Temple of Sibyl at Tivoli
View of the papal countryhouse in Castel Gandolfo and the Lago di Nemi
A View of St. Peters from the Top of the Monte Mario
Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo
Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Italy
Rome from the Villa Madama
Rome from the Ponte Molle
Torre del fiscale, near Rome, Italy
Bridge at Narni
Maecenas' Villa, Tivoli
Tomb of the Horatii and Curatii, near Albano, Italy
St Peter's and the Vatican from the Janiculum, Rome
Temple of the Sybil and Campagna at Tivoli
The Waterfalls at Tivoli, with the Villa of Maecenas
Visit of Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony at the Arch of Trajan in Benevento
Rome, a View of the Forum
Caserta, Palazzo Reale
The Tiber and the Castel Saint Angelo, Rome
Tempio di Vesta, Roma
Temple of Antonino and Fausta
The Arch of Drussus, Rome
Departure of the Duc de Choiseul from the Piazza di San Pietro
A Festival in the Piazza di Spagna, Rome
The Piazza del Campidoglio with Santa Maria d'Aracoeli, Rome
Temple of Venus and Roma, Roman Forum
Aqueduct near Rome
The Arch of Titus in Rome
View of the Isola di Sora
The Church of San Giorgio in Velabro in Rome
A View through Three of the North-Western Arches of the Third Storey of the Coliseum