Paintings Collection of Italy - South

The Temple of Segesta with the Artist Sketching
Cicero's Villa and the Bay of Baiae
Greek Theater at Taormina
Agrigento (Temple of Juno Lacinia)
View of the Bay of Naples from Posillipo
View of Mount Etna from Taormina, Sicily
A View of the Certosa di San Martino with the Castel Sant'Elmo in Naples
Fishing Boats Coming into Brindisi Harbor
A View Of Monreale, Above Palermo
View of Palermo
A View of Palermo from the Sea with the 'Marino' and Fashionable Folk promenading
Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples
View of Atrani on the Gulf of Salerno
View from a Window at Quisisana
The Excavations of Pompeii
View of the Isle of Capri, Gulf of Naples
Naples. View of the Grotto of Posillipo
Naples. View of the Darsena delle Galere
Panoramic View of the Bay of Naples
The Ruins of the Temple of Juno Lacinia at Agrigento
Seascape, View of Sorrento
Marina Grande - Capri 
Castel dell'Ovo, Naples
View Of The Bay Of Pozzuoli With The Port Of Baia, The Islands Of Nisida, Procida, Ischia And Capri
View Of Naples From The Strada Di Santa Lucia
The Cathedral of Amalfi
The Marina Piccola, Capri
Gulf of Salerno near Sorrento (View towards Vesuvius)
Naples, view from Pausilippo
Greco-Roman Theater at Night, Taormina, Sicily
Mount Vesuvius from Marina Grande, Capri
The Small Harbour at Sorrento
The Large Harbour on the Island of Capri
View of Reggio and the Straits of Messina
The Darsena delle Galere and Castello Nuovo at Naples
The Sicilian Sea, From the Taormina Cliffs
Naples, The Capella Nuova outside the Porta di Chiaja
Mount Vesuvius from Torre dell'Annunziata near Naples
A Neapolitan Coastal View from Pozzuoli
Buildings in Naples with the North-East side of the Castle Nuovo
Temple of Venus, Castle of Baiae
A View of Catania with Mount Etna in the Distance
Palermo Harbor with a View of Monte Pellegrino
The Forum at Pompeii with Vesuvius in the Background
Villa Quisisana on the Gulf of Naples
View over Palermo
A View of Paestum
Marina Grande a Capri
Valle dei Molini - Amalfi
Granatella Port in Portici (Naples) with view of Vesuvius in the background
Baia Bay
Country folk resting beneath vines in the hills above Solfatara with a view of Ischia, Procida and the Bay of Pozzuoli
View of the Gulf of Pozzuoli from Solfatara
View of Montesarchio
Marina Piccola Sorrento
View of the Royal Palace at Naples
Vue de La Ville D'avezzano, au Bord du Lac de Cellano, Royaume de Naples
A view of cava dei Tirreni near Salerno, Italy
View of the Bay of Naples with Admiral Byng's Fleet at Anchor
View of Naples with Castel dell'Ovo and Mount Vesuvius seen from the Salita di San' Antonio
View of Amalfi from the Gulf of Salerno
A Stroll in Palermo
Virgil's Tomb, Naples
View of the Ruins of the Temple of Ceres in the Valley of Agrigento
View of Palazzo d'Orléans in Palermo
The Festival of the Madonna dell'Arco
The Bay of Naples from Posillippo 
The Temple of Hera at Paestum
Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum 
The Temple of Athena at Paestum
View at Amalfi, Bay of Salerno
View of Atrani, Gulf of Salerno
Monte Pellegrino at Palermo, Italy
The Bay of Naples 
Procession royale vers l'église Santa Maria di Piedigrotta
View of the Bay of Baja
The Temple of Venus, Bay of Baiae
Castello dell'Ovo, Bay of Naples
Mount Etna from Taormina, Sicily
Baths of Ischia, near Naples
Lago d'Agnano with the Grotta del Cane
View of Naples with the Castel Nuovo
The Departure of Carlos de Borbon of Spain
Arrival of Charles III in Naples