Paintings Collection of France Atlantic

Caen, The Dock of Saint-Pierre
Port-en Bessin, the Beach
The Village and Chapel of Sainte-Avoye
The Port of La Rochelle at Twilight
The Banks of the Pond at Rosporden, Finistere
Moonrise, Bay of Douarnenez
Environs de Douarnenez
Procession near Ploumanac, Brittany 
The Rocks at Ouessant
La Terre de Cleden, Point de Raz, Finistere
Evening at Ouessant
View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple
Etretat, Normandy
The Sea from the Heights of Dieppe
The Seine at Caudebec-en-Caux
Le Havre, le Bassin du Commerce
Le Havre - Bassin de l'Eure
Fecamp, the Port
Dunkirk, Festival Day
Dieppe, the Pollet Cliffs
Cherbourg, the Port
Brest, the Harbor
Brest, Fishing Boats
First view of the port of Bordeaux, taking the side of Salinières
The Jetty at Le Havre
The Church at Varengeville
Port-Goulphar, Belle-Ile
Cliffs and Sailboats at Pourville
Boat at Low Tide at Fecamp
The Village of Kerity in Bretagne
The tower of the church. Neighborhoods of Douarnenez
The Sea Arch at Etretat
Cliff at Villers-sur-Mer
La Rochelle Harbour 1762
The Port of La Rochelle in Autumn
The Square, Le Croisic
Port Croisic in full moon
The little village in morning, Quimperlé
Place de Puits en Honfleur
The Church of St Jacques, Dieppe
Caen, Le Long de l'Orne peint along le cours Caffarelli, effet of the moon
A Corner of the Port, Caen
The descending street at Locronan
Le Village de Locronan
La Bretagne, vallee du Guilly, Moelan
View of the Port of Auray
October Sky, Tréboul
The Village of Pornic
Saint Palais, Pointe de la Perriere 
The Swing Bridge at Dieppe
Hoarfrost at Huelgoat, Finistere
La Pointe du Jars, Cap Frehel
The beach of Fecamp
Fair Day in Pont-Aven
Notre Dame de la Clarte
Lorient Harbor
Cliff at Ouesant with Horse
Belle-ile-en-Mer, Cliffs
Calm Sea at L'Ile de Groux
The Coast of Moelan
Evening at Doelan
Quimper, Lake Marie in the Snow
The Island of Raguenez, Brittany
The Needles of Port-Cotom, Belle Ile
The Point de Lervily, Brittany
The Village of Paulgoazec
Le Croisic, Le Port
Le Port a Camaret
The plaza of the Church of Saint Vulfrand in Abbeville
Villerville, the Shore
Quillebeuf, View of the Church from the Canal
Villerville Seen from Le Ratier
Fisherfolk Gathering Seaweed, Villerville
Café des Tribunaux, Dieppe
La rue Pecquet, Dieppe, France
Rue Notre-Dame, Dieppe
L'eglise du Pollet, Dieppe, France
Before the port of Dieppe
The Port of Honfleur
Entry to the Port of La Rochelle
The château of Dieppe viewed from the valley
Dieppe Cliffs, France
La place Nationale, Dieppe
Place Nationale à Dieppe
Church of St Jacques, Dieppe
The Church of Saint-Jacques, Dieppe, Morning Sun
View before the port of Dieppe
Dieppe, Bassin Duquesne, Low Tide, Sunnt Morning
Dieppe, Dunquesne Basin, Sunlight Effect, Morning, Low Tide
The Harbor of Dieppe
The Harbor at Dieppe
View of the beach of Dieppe
The Port of La Rochelle in Heavy Weather
Saint-Briac, Courtyard of the Ville Hue
Saint-Briac, la balise Le Cheval
The Garden at Kervaudu
Moonlight over Kervaudu
July 14th Fireworks at Bourg-de-Batz
Bourg-de-Batz, Brittany
The Bourg-de-Batz Church under the Moon
Path in Front of the Church of Croisic
The Steeple at Croisic
The Wayside Cross at Rochefort-en-Terre
St Corentin of Quimper Cathedral
Church at Varengeville and Gorge of Les Moutiers
Cliffs of the Petites Dalles
La Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de Grace, Honfleur
Low Tide at Pourville
The Beach at Honfleur
The Church at Varengeville and the Gorge of Les Moutiers
The Gorge at Varengeville
The Seine Estuary At Honfleur
Laundresses by the Sea at Etretat
Setting of the sun at Concarneau
View of the Cliffs at Etretat
Forest in Veules. Normandy
Entry to Pornic After the Fog
The Lighthouse in Honfleur
Laying Lobster Pots, St Michael's Mount
A Dutch Merchantman Attacked by an English Privateer, off La Rochelle
Boat Building near Dinan, Brittany
Château Gaillard, Normandy, France
Transept Ruins of the Abbey St Bertin, St-Omer, France
Church of Harfleur
Mont Sainte-Odile with pagan wall
Ruines de l'abbaye de Jumieges
Vue des portes de l'église de Touques